Weber River

Weber River is a wonderful place to hike and fish and Weber Pathways is working on making it even better.

Weber Pathways has funded a restoration study on how to improve the riparian area west of highway 89 along the Weber River. When I-84 was installed design was focused on keeping the Weber River from flooding the freeway.  Berms were constructed that channeled the rivers flow and prevented high water from going over the banks.  That channeling has had an impact on the river banks down stream resulting in serious erosion.  Over the years Weber Pathways has purchased approximately 30 acres of land along this section of the river.  The study has come up with a design that will allow the river to have side channels during periods of high water which will decrease the flow speed. The side channels will also be good spawning locations for the Bluehead Sucker and improve the environment for the Bonneville Cutthroat Trout.  The slower flow speed will also slow the erosion downstream.  The restoration plan includes a meandering path, fishing access and side channel fords or bridges. This project will also tie into the future modification of the Highway 89 and I-84 interchange which will include an underpass and facilitate connection with the south end of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Weber Canyon.

elizabeth dewitte