Therese Grijalva in her Natural Habitat


It all started when we decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: Why are non-motorized trails/pathways important to you?

Therese Grijalva: I enjoy getting outside and enjoying the environment and exercise is important to me. The trails provide an opportunity for me to do both.

WP: What aspect of your favorite recreational activity excites you most?

TG: I love grinding up hills and getting a good workout!

WP: What is your favorite recreational piece of gear you’ve ever owned?

TG: My mountain bike

WP: How are you making Weber County a better place to walk, run, and ride in?

TG: Promoting human-powered recreation OUTSIDE!

WP: What is your proudest accomplishment with Weber Pathways to date?

TG: Just being a positive supporter; word of mouth about the awesomeness of Weber Pathways.