Miranda Menzies

Miranda Menzies is a Board Member at Weber Pathways. She had always enjoyed hiking using the Weber Pathways maps when visiting Eden on vacation, and then moved to Utah in 2009. In 2012, when she had just retired from her career as an environmental consultant and geologist, she was asked to join the Board and jumped at the chance.
Miranda is especially interested in trails in the Ogden Valley and Wasatch Mtns, since she lives in Eden. She has been working on the Pineview Loop Pathway for the last couple of years, and is hoping to find a way to extend that trail to Wolf Creek (wouldn’t it be great to able to walk to the store on a TRAIL?!!)
She is also a gardener, and tries to help with trail maintenance. WEEDS has been another subject that she has taken on with enthusiasm, so trying to keep invasive noxious weeds off the hiking trails has been a spring and summer activity.