Mark Benigni

Mark Benigni is the Executive Director. Mark started his involvement with Weber Pathways as a donor in 2005 because he wanted to keep his charitable contributions local and for a cause he had a passion for. In 2011 Mark became a member of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board asked Mark to temporarily fill the role of ED after a resignation in August of 2012.
Before Mark had somewhat of a handle on all the WP activities, the Chair asked him to take the position full-time. In retrospect, the Chair caught Mark before he learned what he didn’t know.  Mark found he needed to draw on all his educational and professional experiences to wear the many hats of ED including project manager, engineer, sales, social worker and housekeeper.
Mark finds time on the weekends to enjoy the trails and open spaces in Weber County by mountain biking, trail running, hiking and skiing. Overall he finds the opportunity to work with great people very rewarding as they all work together to make lasting, positive change in the Weber County community.