Jeff Stuart

Jeff was born and raised in Uintah, Utah to the parents of 5 boys. Being the middle child of those 5 boys, he received his share of tough love from his older brothers and also shared a fair amount of tough love to his younger brothers. Always active and learned at an early age that outdoors is where he wanted to be.
After high school Jeff joined the Army and spent the next 34 years traveling around the world in training exercises and real world operations. Culminating in 2010-2011 in Baghdad Iraq.
Along the way Jeff was very active in the sport of Biathlon competing for many years on the US Army team around the world. He was also very active in marathons, triathlons and trail running events.
He currently is the Director of Military Outreach at Weber State University. In his spare time, he enjoys training horses, cycling, skiing and competes in horse events around the Western United States.