The Pineview Loop Pathway

waypoint bridge day

The Pineview Loop Pathway (PLP) is a non-motorized trail planned to encircle Pineview Reservoir in the Upper Ogden Valley of Weber County, Utah. When complete, the trail will be 16 miles in length and will provide a safe route for students, residents, families, recreationists, and tourists walking or cycling to school, to the local library, to restaurants and shops in Huntsville and Eden, and to a wealth of camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, and other recreation spots along the trail. As of 2011, Weber Pathways and its partners have completed approximately 7.5 miles of this trail and are working to complete the remaining miles.

Weber Pathways is partnering with Weber County and the U.S. Forest Service to complete this trail. Weber County is providing its right of way over most of the northern and eastern section of the loop and is the project manager for design and construction. The U.S. Forest Service is working with Weber Pathways to complete the necessary analyses and acquire associated permits to secure the corridor through Forest Service land. In addition, the Forest Service is providing materials for trail and trailhead construction.


Construction continues on the Pineview Loop Pathway. This year we have completed three bridges and have paved just over one more mile of trail. Another ½ mile has been excavated and covered with road base. Along older sections of the trail, we have repaired and strengthened bridges so that equestrian riders will be safer as they ride on the trail
worked to remove puncture vine from various sections. This work will continue in future years to control the noxious weed. We began working with the US Forest Service to plan the trail at Middle Inlet and Pelican beaches. We continued working with Huntsville town
officials to route the trail into and through Huntsville. Thanks to the many donors for making all of this possible—Weber County RAMP, the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley, Weber County, Utah’s Recreational Trails Program, the Summit Group, and the many individual donors to Weber Pathways.

The Pineview Loop Pathway was a project championed by Ogden Valley Pathways (OVP) between 2005 and 2009. This non-profit trail group created important momentum by acquiring funding to build the first sections of the trail. OVP broadened its mission and became the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley in 2009/2010. This new organization has continued to provide support for the project.


After nearly 10 years of work we are within 2000 feet of finally completing a major section of the Pineview Loop Pathway (PLP) that links Eden to Huntsville. This year with the help of Weber County, the Forest Service, and RAMP we were able to add another 1/2 mile of paved pathway, a trail head, and a large parking area. The new trailhead will add approximately 100 much needed parking stalls for beach and pathway access. This trailhead will also alleviate the congestion of people parking along the road to access the free beach area.


This year, with your help, we hope to connect the two existing sections of the PLP. This will be one of the most difficult sections thus far. It will require us to build 1000 feet of raised pathway along the beach. The cost is nearly $200,000 and we need your help to make it happen. If you walk, ride or horseback ride the PLP, or just want to see a safe route linking Eden to Huntsville, please make a donation and we can finally see the PLP complete.