Muddy and Wet Trails

Muddy Trails.jpg

The weather is beginning to change and rain and snow are right around the corner.  Please -- think before you lace up your shoes, hop on your bike or get on your horse.

Stay off the trails if they're soft and muddy!

Trails are dynamic and change with the seasons and weather conditions. While during most of the year, they are fairly stable, fall and winter are the most sensitive time, making the trails vulnerable to erosion and long-term damage.

Either way, it’s the trail that loses and so do we as trail users- so please show some respect and patience.

Just because you "can" ride and run, doesn't mean that you "should."

Please, please, please, if the trails are muddy, turn around! We know it's beautiful outside, but if you are leaving prints (hoof, tire, or boot), the trail is too wet to use

Basically, be respectful of your trails or sooner or later your favorite trail may be forced to reroute or be closed altogether.  It is a privilege to be able to use many trails, don’t ruin it for everyone.  

Remember, It’s About the Trails.