It all started when We decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: What’s your favorite non-motorized recreational activity?

Mike Appleby: Hiking.

WP: Why are non-motorized trails/pathways important to you?

MA: Trails and pathways are absolutely necessary to allow my wife and me to exercise our passion for hiking.

WP: What aspect of your favorite recreational activity excites you most?

MA: Being able to go from my house to a trail that feels like you're all alone in the outdoors within a 30 minute drive definitely makes me excited. Knowing that hiking is helping me stay healthy, both physically and mentally, is also very exciting.

WP: What is your favorite recreational piece of gear you’ve ever owned?

MA: Osprey Manta AG 36 L pack.

WP: What is your favorite non-motorized trail/pathway in Weber County?

MA: There are so many great trails in Weber County that it's hard to pick just one. For a nice summer or winter hike, the East Fork/Middle Fork/Icebox loop from Art Nord can't be beat. For a great place to hike up and have morning coffee, the overlook on the Ben Lomond Trail, 1.3 miles up from the North Ogden Divide, can' be beat. For a great lunch spot, the rocks overlooking North Ogden and the Salt Lake Valley at the 4 mile point on the Ben Lomond Trail can't be beat. If you want to watch the full moon rise and the sun set at the same time, the ridge at the 1.5 mile mark on the Lewis Peak Trail can't be beat. The first 1.5 miles of the Lewis Peak Trail is also the place to go for an aerobic workout (unless you live nearer to the 29th St trailhead and you use Malan's for your aerobic workout.) One of the nicest snow shoe hikes is to go up the Green Pond Trail to the Strawberry Gondola Cafe for chili and a beer. Nothing like a hike with a payoff. For a challenge, the 16 mile roundtrip to Ben Lomond Peak or the 10 mile round trip to Lewis Peak are both great workouts with fantastic views. I'm sure you're starting to get my drift, that the hiking possibilities in Weber County are amazing, almost endless and it's impossible to pick any one as the best.