Mark Benigni in his Natural Habitat

mark skiing.jpg


It all started when we decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: Why are non-motorized trails/pathways important to you?

Mark Benigni: I like being active and outdoors. And, I like to get away from the "crowds" to decompress mentally. The nonmotorized trail system in Weber County gives me that easy opportunity.

WP: What aspect of your favorite recreational activity excites you most?

MB: The type of skiing I like best is backcountry alpine touring. I like the physical aspect, the adventure and the challenge of being out in the various conditions of weather and snow.

WP: What place in Weber County do you want to spend more time recreating at?

MB: Backcountry skiing above North Fork Park or slackcountry skiing around Snowbasin.

WP: How are you making Weber County a better place to walk, run, and ride in?

MB: As a member of Weber Pathways and Bike Utah, I help the activists and donors in the community to bring to life the trails and active transportation facilities that are described in community plans, or simply imagined, by bringing together the human and financial resources needed.

WP: Where do you want see Weber County twenty years from now?

MB: A place that has a network of nonmotorized facilities that allow people to function efficiently and effectively without fossil fueled vehicles. A place where the clean air and elements of open space still make the County a desirable place to live.