The Formation:

  • Formed in 1995 by three concerned citizens to build a pedestrian trail in Ogden Canyon.

  • Concerns for private property rights in the Canyon pointed the founders down a different “path”.

    • Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    • Pineview Loop Pathway

    • Centennial Trail

The Mission:


The mission of Weber Pathways is to plan, promote, construct, and protect a network of public pathways, trails, and related open spaces for non-motorized users throughout the greater Weber County area.


The Community Impact


  • Trail planning and construction was relatively easy and quick in the early days

  • Today, each trail and pathway constructed has years of planning, advocating and fundraising before a shovel hits the dirt

  • Donations, sponsorship and general-use grants provide funds to leverage larger construction grants

  • Construction managed in 2013 and 2016 with two full-time staff and thousands of volunteer hours

    • 19 miles of natural surface single track

    • 2 miles of10’ wide asphalt

    • ½ mile of 10’ wide asphalt with 8” concrete curb

    • 2 miles of 10’ wide compacted gravel

    • ¼ mile x 20’ to 30’ wide x up to 10’ high berm on Pineview beach

    • 110’ x 10’ steel and concrete bridge

    • 55’ x 10’ wooden bridge

    • 30’ x 10’ wooden bridge

    • Two 10’ x 10’ wooden bridges 

  • $2.09 million in trail and pathway facilities has been provided to the greater Weber County community since 2000. 

  • To date, 66 trails have been constructed by Weber Pathways and its partners.

  • 200,000 trail maps have been distributed since 2011

    • Natural surface: 266 miles

    • Paved: 33 miles

The Economic Impact on the Greater Weber County Area


  •  Spending on trails has an economic multiplier effect

    • Jobs are created and sales tax revenue generated:

      • Goods and services sales at local outdoor recreation shops are increased.

      • More local restaurants and shops are enjoyed by day and overnight visitors.

      • Construction jobs and materials

    • 2017 study by Weber State University Economics professors found a 1.4% to 1.9% house price premium for each ½ mile closer the house is to a trailhead.

    • Transient Room Tax for overnight stays

    • Trails and open space provide a quality of life desired by today’s workforce

  • Easy access to trails promotes healthy lifestyles which reduces individual healthcare costs and employers’ wage-related benefits (30% of WP’s Facebook followers are from Northern Davis County)

    • 21% of Utah adults do not report any physical activity

    • Inactive adults spend an additional $1,061 on healthcare annually

      • Annual costs reduced by $3.07 for every mile walked and $0.75 for every mile biked

      • Reduced absenteeism increases output/FTE 0.8% for each mile walked/ridden

  • Weber Pathways is actively engaged in Active Transportation projects that are required by 2050 to meet Utah’s expectation for quality of life.

  • 200,000 maps distributed that advertise localbusinesses.

  • WP is a qualified entity that eligible for direct distribution of Impact Fee revenue earmarked for trail construction. This relationship provides the most cost-effective method to construct new trails.