If your family, friends, or company would like to help maintain our trails you can sign up for our Adopt-A-Trail program!

If your family, friends, or company would like to help maintain our trails you can sign up for our Adopt-A-Trail program!

Program Guidelines


The trails of Ogden City (overseen by the Ogden Trails Network) and Weber County (overseen by Weber Pathways) provide a wondrous and beautiful experience for all who explore them. It is a unique and special experience to immerse oneself in the natural beauty along the Wasatch Front and the Bonneville Shore Line. Our trail system provides a singular combination of constant evolution and ready access which is available to all and free to everyone. However, to ensure the future of the trails it requires the efforts of many to protect and preserve their unique ecosystem.

Toward this end we have created three key programs:

  • Adopt‐a‐Trail
  • Trail Champion
  • Trail Pathfinder

Each addresses a key need in the maintenance and growth of the trail system.


Taking on the stewardship of a trail is a privilege, and it is important that the adopter take the responsibilities of maintaining the trail seriously. That is why we have prepared the following requirements so that you understand the value you can bring and responsibility you are taking on. You are not alone, since we are there for guidance and assistance when faced with key or larger issues. But understand, adopting a trail puts you as the first line of protection of a very special and natural resource.
Adopt‐a‐Trail Responsibilities
Complete and sign the Adopt‐a‐Trail application. For Trails and Trailheads located in Weber County an official form will be need to be completed and signed. Weber Pathways will make the determination on approval and assign a specific trail segment or trailhead (respecting your wishes where possible) which will be approved for 1 year.
This agreement can be extended in 1‐ year increments through the review and approval of Weber Pathways. Weber Pathways will assign a Trail Coordinator for trail communications and special needs. They will also inform you of special projects needing your help.

  • Commit to a minimum of 50 hours of trail work for the year.
  • If it is a Trailhead you must then commit to a minimum of 75 hours of trail work for the year.
  • View the on‐line Adopt‐a‐Trail presentation (approximately 20 minutes) and confirm.
  • Spring Startup – Initial trip in spring before heavy traffic (Usually in April)
  • Clear any fallen trees, low branches or overgrown brush off the trail before the heavy traffic season. Use the “3 by 6” rule (at least a 3 foot wide trail and 6 foot wide brush cut back across the trail).
  • Pickup and dispose of any trash
  • Use brush to block off ghost trails or work with Coordinator
  • Clean all drainage
  • Identify any major concerns (washouts, signage, slides, fallen trees)
  • Inspect your trail segment at least twice a month
  • Clear brush, repair trail issues and remove trash
  • For needs beyond your capabilities contact your trail coordinator
  • Work with Coordinator on special needs for your trail segment
  • Provide Monthly Update during High Use Months (April – Sept) to Coordinator
  • Fall Inspection – A final inspection trip usually in September
  • Assess trail conditions and identify improvements
  • If in the judgment of the OTN or WP an Adopt‐a‐Trail group is unable to continue to meet these objectives we will work together to determine the best solution going forward.

Upon Partner approval we would like to provide the following elements of appreciation:

  • Have their name appear on signage at each end of the segment or at the Trailhead as the “Adopt‐a‐Trail” partner
  • Include on posters at the annual Trails Day event
  • Include their names and contact info on the WP web and Facebook pages.
  • Provide a Certificate as the Partner that they may display showing they are an “Adopt‐a‐Trail” partner
  • Such other opportunities to show our appreciation as may arise

Trail Champion
In order to maintain great trails we need volunteers and we need funding. The Trail Champions are recognized for their generous funding of trail segments. Their gifts will be used to ensure the best maintenance and enhancement to the trails that the Weber Pathways can provide along with the City or County. You may also make a donation for a specific project or effort if you wish.

Trail Pathfinder
In addition to the wonderful trails we have today, there are many more areas in which we would like to create trails. The resources required are significantly different than trail maintenance. If you would like to break ground for a new trail a minimum commitment of $10,000 is required and will be individually negotiated. Although, we do not name trails for individuals except in extraordinary cases (such as Gib’s Loop) you would be involved in determining the actual naming of the trail.

If you would like to inquire about adopting a trail or trailhead, please email us at