Becky Senekjian in her Natural Habitat


It all started when we decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: What’s your favorite non-motorized recreational activity?

Becky Senekjian: Biking and hiking.

WP: What is your favorite non-motorized trail/pathway in Weber County?

BJ: Waterfall Canyon. 

WP: What place in Weber County do you want to spend more time recreating at?

BJ: Ogden in the bench area.

WP: How are you making Weber County a better place to walk, run, and ride in?

BJ: I am learning as a new Board member how to make a difference in Weber County. 

WP: Where do you want see Weber County twenty years from now?

BJ: In the future, Weber County will have more institutionalized support for trail construction and maintenance. The County will have businesses here because the quality of life has been enhanced by the trail system.