Aric Manning in his natural habitat

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It all started when we decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: What’s your favorite non-motorized recreational activity?

Aric Manning: Trail Running

WP: Why are non-motorized trails/pathways important to you?

AM: I have always enjoyed the path less traveled. Being away from cars, motorcycles, etc. is a great way to get away and unplug from the “big world”. Having options and opportunities to be out in nature is a big reason I live here.

WP: What is your favorite recreational piece of gear you’ve ever owned?

AM: Silly as it sounds, my trail running shoes. Realistically that is all I need to get out and do what I love most. Shorts and shirts help too, I guess. However, I just bought a great mountain bike that is climbing the list of favorite pieces.

WP: What place in Weber County do you want to spend more time recreating at?

AM: Since I got my new mountain bike, I will say Powder Mountain and all the great trails there but Icebox, Green Pond and that area are always a great spot.

WP: What is your proudest accomplishment with Weber Pathways to date?

AM: Well, being hired comes to mind (August 16, 2019) and I am extremely proud and honored for that.