Alan Wheelwright in his Natural Habitat


It all started when we decided to ask each other some questions…

Weber Pathways: Why are non-motorized trails/pathways important to you?

Alan Wheelwright: Allows me to get away from traffic and feel safe.

WP: What is your favorite non-motorized trail/pathway in Weber County?

AW: Trail 365 and Pineview Loop Pathway (PLP)

WP: What place in Weber County do you want to spend more time recreating at?

AW: Ogden Valley.

WP: What is your proudest accomplishment with Weber Pathways to date?

AW: The corner of the PLP that we constructed on the beach. It took about 4 years and 100's of hours of planning. It finally made it possible to get from Eden to Huntsville on a bike without being on the highway.

WP: Where do you want see Weber County twenty years from now?

AW: As a destination for hiking and mountain biking.